How Businesses Are Benefiting from Rising Union Efforts

According to the Worker’s Compensation Act, employees are entitled to share in an array of available benefits, ranging from vocational rehabilitation training (where needed), death benefits for their dependants, weekly income benefits if more than seven days of work have been missed, retirement security and much more. By being union members, workers are able to not only improve their own working conditions but by standing together and having one voice, also those of their colleagues.

Collective Bargaining

Employees have long since enjoyed the freedom and fundamental human rights of being union members, who are able to negotiate with employers and the businesses where they spend the largest part of their days. Collective bargaining ensures that they have a voice as well as the power to create and determine their working lives – good news for those who have been striving to be part of a thriving democracy and flourishing economy. Union members benefit from proper dispute resolutions, secure wage increases, honoring of human rights within the workplace, as well as the opportunity to be assisted in policy debates.

Communities and Local Economies Benefit from Employee Unions

While unions ensure improved service, increased productivity, in-house training, and higher sales, it also guarantees community re-investment. Stronger unions relate to stronger communities, reduce inequality and provide a space where nonunion members are able to gain benefits through collective bargaining. Businesses and communities are offered support in terms of community redevelopment projects, which is good news for everyone involved. Generally, workers and unions are significantly invested in the success and survival of their businesses, which relies on a mutual relationship of trust and cooperation.

Partnership and Support for Success

In recent years, it’s become evident that businesses with a high union constituency, combined with a high level of cooperation, are guaranteed to be among the most profitable and best-performing. By actively creating a culture of engagement and mutual respect, businesses, their employees and unions can rely on each other’s support before running into trouble in the future. The challenge is to find common ground and a real connection. Both companies and unions should strive to enhance the merits of their membership, by encouraging employees to buy into common values.

Social Media

While companies have been investing in the marketing of their business brands for as long as we can remember, the time has come to focus on using the same marketing tools and tactics for their valued employees. By endorsing and supporting their unions, businesses are able to exhibit their alliance on social media, while spreading the news to prospective and existing clients. Using digital tools is a necessity for all parties concerned, especially the unions. As unions need the active participation of their members, it’s vital to encourage transparency and communication. In return, companies showing support to their unions and employees, send out a message of solidarity and trust. This can be a key message for a business, showcasing something a business thinks their target audience needs to hear, see and understand about it.

Customers need to be assured that businesses align their brand message to that of the treatment of their employees. 83% of customers ‘like’ or ‘love’ when they receive a response from a company on social media – this is according to a report from SalesForce Marketing Cloud. By backing their employees and joining union efforts, businesses in 2022 are using this great marketing tool to their advantage. Employees, as well as target audiences, need to believe what they hear and see, which will firmly cement their loyalty and commitment to their companies. The ideal is to gain an array of customers in a variety of ways. The new, younger generation has started showing a lot of interest in unions and is joining more than in recent years. Businesses are benefiting from supporting their unions, using the correct channels, and are reaping the rewards that go along with it.

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