Highly Decorated Vietnam Veteran, Political Advisor and Events & Entertainment Executive – Alton L. Garrett Jr. Celebrated His 80th Birthday

Alton L. Garrett Jr.
Alton L. Garrett Jr. 80th birthday - Keven-Alton-Yona and Claire Journey
Alton L. Garrett Jr. 80th birthday celebration: Keven, Alton, Yona, and Claire Journey
Alton Garrett - Cynthia - Samuel
Alton Garrett – Cynthia – Samuel
Alton L. Garrett Jr. - Brittany Busby
Alton L. Garrett Jr. – Brittany Busby

 *Redlands, CA – Guests came from near and far to the historic Fox Entertainment Center in beautiful, holiday-decorated downtown Redlands, CA on Friday, December 15, 2023, to celebrate the legendary, history maker Mr. Alton L. Garrett Jr.  One hundred guests were invited to this special soiree as Mr. Alton L. Garrett crossed the threshold to become an Octogenarian. No one would believe his age because he has the secret to the “Fountain of Youth.” An infectious smile and a voice for broadcasting.

The food, drinks, and fantastic music were all a hit!  No one would expect less from someone who knows how to throw upscale events for high-profile individuals worldwide.  There were speeches of praise from various protégés of Mr. Garrett; love and jokes were shared from his longtime friends – Ted Baugh of Fairview Heights, IL, and Les Alexander of Sacramento, CA who had his back and front during their military career starting in the early 70’s.

Mr. Garrett has shared, “My ‘heartbeats’ keep me going and they are the reason I do all that I do with no plans to stop.” His heartbeats are his beautiful adult children – Keven Garrett, Yona Garrett-Ross(1A) and Claire Journey (1B). They are all high achievers in their perspective chosen fields of work.  A few other notable guests, too many to mention all of them, in attendance, were – Dr. Arlington Rodgers, Dr. Gwen Dowdy-Rogers, Samuel S. Quinn III (Partner) and Sue Quinn, Debbie Macias, Tony Macias, Donnie and Dr. Yvonne Atkinson and Dr. Yvette Harris.

Alton L. Garrett Jr.
Alton L. Garrett Jr.

Garrett, a longtime resident of San Bernardino, CA,  shared that after a long career in both the US Army and US Air Force where he achieved the rank of Chief Master Sargent, he wanted to continue his service of giving back. He was hired to work with US Senator Barbara Boxer (CA) as a Political Advisor covering Southern California and special international assignments.  He also served in a prestigious role with Habitat for Humanity led by former President Jimmy Carter which called for more traveling throughout the nation. While serving in the Military, his tours took him to several other countries in which his family traveled with him.

His interest in entertainment came after planning an event for the Orange Show. This event opened the doors to more events and live entertainment throughout California and other states.  Garrett’s focus is not only on the outstanding groups or entertainers; his goals are to have all that attend GMG LLC events have an “Ultimate Experience.”  Along with his Partner, Samuel S. Quinn III, they put the work and research in for the best venues and entertainment that audiences would love to experience with live music, singing, and performances. Their events also create jobs for others in the Community in which the events are held.

This Octogenarian and his Team have already booked the 2nd Annual Funk Explosion at Craig Ranch Regional Park at The Amp in North Las Vegas, NV on Saturday, April 13, 2024.  GMG’s featured groups are The S.O.S. Band, Loose Ends featuring Jane Eugene, and The Jimmy Sterling Experience with a Bobby Womack Tribute.  The event will be hosted by world-renowned Comedian / Singer – Jammin Jay Lamont. As you can see, being 80 years old hasn’t stopped Alton L. Garrett, Jr. from living his best life and giving back to others in special ways.  Join Garrett Management LLC for this very entertaining concert.  Tickets go on sale in mid-January.  Visit the website (https://thefunkexplosion.com/) for more information and tickets. 

Funk Explosion 2024
Funk Explosion 2024